Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Album Review: T. Lee (of Babybrutha) - Babybrutha Knows

T.Lee-Bass,Guitar, Keys,Vocals,Drum loops
Danya Thompson-Drums
Keith King-Drums
Sav Izzi-Guitar
Mecca Modai-Vocals
Natalie Rose-Vocals
Vaan Lotus-Vocals

10 songs of Chicago inspired funk music.  Tim Lee (known as T Lee) is a Chicago born multi-instrumentalist who writes songs about real shit.  Tim first heard Howlin' Wolf at age 6 and was scared, but got over it after being exposed to the music of his siblings, and by the age of 12 got his first real guitar. 

Upon listening to the album you can't help but pick up on the influences.  It's not vintage, old school or slow jams.  It's an explosion of genres and influences.  Influences such as P-Funk, James Brown, Prince or Sly Stone.  Me personally?  I pick up some Lenny Kravitz on the album.

I mentioned that all the inspiration for the songs on the album come from real life.  We all know real life is full or ups and downs.  This album deals with both the highs and lows.  The roller coaster of life is alive and well on this album.  Tim has used his life time is Chicago to write some solid tunes, and throws in funk so it might feel like a happy song about topic hard to talk about, and that's what this album so good. 

"Wanted Man" is a stand out track on this album.  A song about how fast things can change for the good or bad at a blink of eye.  Live for the moment, don't worry about the future holds.  "You Good For Me" is a Rick James' inspired song about love.  As close to a love song without calling it a love song.  "I Wanna Get Up" is a slow burner, and probably the most personal song on the album.  Inspired by George Harrison and Tim's father's battle with cancer that he eventually lost.  Changing gears to "Walk Of Shame" summer is short in Chicago, people tend to let their freak flags fly (so I've been told).  The album closes with "Misguided Love" a fun song again about something real.  Probably not fun for the person going through it at the time, but good song writing material.

These guys kill it live!  Transferring their energy from the record to the stage.  They play pretty frequently, and have opened for the likes of Erykah Badu and Nina Sky.  Go check these guys out.  T Lee throws in some solo gigs too, so if you get a chance....  They "just want to make music and hopefully get a few people to bob their heads to it"

Now.....  GO WIGGLE!

-Mike Downing

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